Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist featuring - left to right - Ian Cameron, Mark LaFrance, Mick Dallavee, Brent Knudsen

Cease and Desist featuring – left to right – Ian Cameron, Mark LaFrance, Mick Dallavee, Brent Knudsen

Cease and Desist has just celebrated their 25th anniversary. During all that time together, they have performed with many of the top groups in North America and abroad. Their repertoire of music is “10,000 songs”, according to Randy Bachman, who is one of their biggest fans.

The group is comprised of four members:
Brent Howard Knudsen, Ian Cameron, Marc LaFrance, and Mick Dalla-Vee.

Each member of the group has earned praise and accolades individually, but it is as a group that the true synergies of their individual talents become apparent.
They are the west coast’s most in demand corporate function band.

Brent Howard Knudsen has been involved in the music industry for many years and is well thought of by other musicians and producers as a stalwart professional. Brent Howard released his first self-titled debut album, produced by award-winner Tony Rudner in 1996.
He has since released two other albums.

Ian Cameron Ian is a GRAMMY nominated multi-instrumentalist who started with violin at age 5. He has had extensive classical training but also studied jazz and has traveled the globe as a rock guitarist. He has written several radio singles that have charted in North America and Europe. In addition to performing live with numerous other artists, Ian has engineered and produced some of Vancouver’s most promising young talents. He also runs several successful on-line music services including efidder.com where he records for clients worldwide in a vast array of styles.

Marc LaFrance has been involved in the music industry for over 4 decades and is a well known and highly regarded industry professional. He has performed as a drummer or singer on over 100 albums, has done countless recording sessions and live performances

Mick Dalla-Vee
is a Bass player/vocalist with Canadian legend, “Randy Bachman” and more recently performing with “Bachman and Turner” – having performed countless shows worldwide as well as appearing on several TV specials.

Cease and Desist Shows

Cease and Desist 3 Piece Band Schedule

Future Shows

Date City Venue Country
11/09/19 Langley, BC Rick Persall Annual Party Canada
12/04/19 - 12/07/19 Fort St. John, BC Crew Energy Inc – Private Event Canada

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Past Shows
Date City Venue Country
09/02/19 Vancouver, BC Labour Day Union Celebration at Jack Poole Plaza Canada
Address: 1055 Canada Place.
08/31/19 Coquitlam, BC Private Canada
08/09/19 - 08/10/19 Mayne Island, BC Private Show Canada
07/11/19 Harrison Hot Springs, BC Association of School Transportation Services of BC Party Canada
Address: Harrison Hot Springs Hotel.
06/07/19 - 06/08/19 Prince Rupert, BC Seal Cove Neighbourhood Public House Canada
Address: 2209 Seal Cove Way.
02/09/19 North Vancouver, BC The Two Lions Public House Canada
Address: 2601 Westview Dr.
02/08/19 Surrey, BC Ride to Survive Fundraiser Canada
Address: Crown Palace – 12025 Nordel Way.

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Cease and Desist 4 Piece Band Schedule

Future Shows

No shows booked at the moment. Stay tuned.

Past Shows
Date City Venue Country
09/12/19 - 09/15/19 Queen Charlotte Islands West Coast Fishing Club Canada

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TBT – The Roseland Ballroom in NYC with Bachman and Turner, November 2010

By on Thursday, February 26th, 2015.

with Paul Shaffer The Roseland Ballroom Dressing Room, New York City

Probably one of the more memorable times in my life thus far. We were to shoot a live DVD in the infamous Roseland Ballroom in NYC (since torn down sadly). I LOVE NYC – always have from my first time there in 2007 (***). I had played there earlier with Randy Bachman’s Band in 2008 at B.B. Kings in Times Square, but this would be on a whole new level.

The show was to be shot in 3D (that particular edit of it hasn’t been released to date… but what I saw in the truck looked incredible). The set design was spectacular with beams and girders everywhere (best captured on the aforementioned 3D version)… but best of all, we would be closing the show encores with Paul Shaffer, the musical director from the soon to be ending David Letterman Show. I have admired Paul Shaffer since his days at Saturday Night Live and have been a huge fan of David Letterman’s show. I always got a kick out of Paul’s ‘hipster’ banter with Dave.

I was amazed that the Ed Sullivan Theatre (where Letterman’s show is taped… and where The Beatles were unleashed to an unsuspecting North American audience on February 9th, 1964) was literally right out the back door of the Roseland Ballroom. The back door of the Roseland (where our production trucks were parked) was right across a narrow street (more of an alley) from the stage door of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

As we prepared for our show, I got to develop a bit of a banter with the infamous stage hand for Dave’s show, Biff Henderson. During the afternoon, Biff was usually poised outside the stage door as the guests arrived. This is where all the paparazzi and fans would wait to get their pictures and autographs as the Lettermen guests arrived.

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

Also across that street from the Roseland was The Hello Deli with it’s owner, the loveable Rupert Gee from all the funny Lettermen ‘man on the street’ shticks from years gone by. I was surprised that when I returned to NYC quite a while later to play at Les Paul’s Club in Times Square, I stopped by The Hello Deli and Rupert actually remembered me. I had invited him to the taping of our show, but he had to decline last minute and said so with great regret.


The day of the shoot we had an appropriately long sound check and then Paul showed up for our sound check and a run through before he was to go over and tape the Letterman show. He would then return when his Letterman gig was done and play with us for the 3 encore songs.

Paul was immediately a very cordial and talkative person. He loved swapping stories and we talked about Sault Ste. Marie. Paul was originally from Thunder Bay, and is a walking musical anthology. It must have started as a teenager for him, because he also knew every band from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s that were from The Soo. Most of these bands never left the Soo, yet he knew all about them. It made me quite proud of my hometown and in awe of Paul Shaffer all at once. When I chance to play with him again 2 years later at The Walk of Fame Award Ceremony in Toronto, he remembered me and that I was from the Soo and we carried on our talk once again. Great great guy… We all talked for hours in the dressing room after the taping.

The next day, Kevin Duffy (our road manager) was able to procure some VIP passes to see a taping of the Letterman Show. We were escorted in the stage door and were able to watch all the rehearsals and prep. As I walked in, I literally almost tripped over the ‘band stand’ where The CBS Orchestra plays. Very heady stuff.

By the way, over the years you have heard guests on David Letterman’s Show show speak of how cold the theatre is. No exaggeration. It’s freezing in there… I guess Dave likes to keep his audience alert… 😉

Here’s a video of TCB. Paul with B&T at The Roseland CLICK HERE


The First Time that Cease and Desist Played with Randy Bachman

By on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013.

This interesting tidbit of information was recently found. It is a schedule that shows the first time that Cease and Desist played on the same stage with Randy Bachman. This was back on May 6, 1993. Twenty years ago.

This is pretty much the first time Cease and Desist ever played with Randy Bachman 1993

This is pretty much the first time Cease and Desist ever played with Randy Bachman 1993