Playing Music for a Living


Revolver is a Beatles Tribute Band that has been in existence for a couple of decades now. The band members are Skip Prest, Rocket Norton, Michael Sicoly, and Mick Dalla-Vee.    Here is an example of a typical Revolver show:     Here are some pertinent videos: Revolver Plays Half Time at BC Lions vs….
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Randy Bachman

Randy Bachman is now 70 years old and still rocking. Randy just never quits. Working with him has shown me just how hard a worker he is, and how tenacious that you have to be to succeed like he has. I worked with him casually before 2001, but about that time I got a regular…
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Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist has just celebrated their 25th anniversary. During all that time together, they have performed with many of the top groups in North America and abroad. Their repertoire of music is “10,000 songs”, according to Randy Bachman, who is one of their biggest fans. The group is comprised of four members: Brent Howard…
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Atlantic Crossing Show

The Atlantic Crossing show is a special performance put on by Cease and Desist. It is designed for special events and corporate functions. This multi-band tribute is four complete sets featuring the music of: The Beatles – More than any other band in history, The Beatles had the most profound impact on pop music and…
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Randy Bachman Band

Randy Bachman Band - Vinyl Tap Tour - Massey Hall Toronto, March 15, 2014 . Mick Dalla-Vee, Marc LaFrance, Randy Bachman, and Brent Howard Knudsen. Photo 20

My history with Randy Bachman goes back a long way. (For more on this please refer to the meme ‘How did I come to work with Randy Bachman?’ – it’s more in-depth) I have played on the same stage as him a few times over the course of my career. In the early 2000’s, Randy…
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Bachman & Turner

Bachman and Turner Band. Left to Right - Brent Howard Knudsen, C.F. Fred Turner, Randy Bachman, Marc LaFrance, Mick Dalla-Vee

In 2008, The Randy Bachman Band (with Colin Arthur Wiebe, Roge` Belanger and myself) was on a small hiatus between tours. During some of these touring breaks, I had started the ‘McRock Skool’ for kids wanting to learn how to play in a band together. I taught that class in a back room of my…
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The Legendary Deans

On Facebook The Deans came about in a ambiguous way somewhat. Way back in the beginnings of Shama, Michael Sicoly often made the point of saying he wished our name had a ‘The’ in front of it. For a time, we had thought about using ‘The Pages’ (which looking back would have been a…
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Rock It Men Duelling Pianos

This is “Rock It Men Duelling Pianos” on Shaw TV Vancouver’s Urban Rush with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford. A fun rollicking (did I just type that?) good time for everyone. This particular configuration is the incredible talent of Tom Arntzen and myself. All shows are request driven, so it’s never the same show…
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Billy & Elton – The Legacy

Billy & Elton – The Legacy Shows Future Shows Past Shows

Mick Dalla-Vee Performing Solo

Mick Dalla-Vee Performing Solo Shows Future Shows Past Shows

The Definitive Simon and Garfunkel

The Definitive Simon and Garfunkel Placeholder Page. The Definitive Simon and Garfunkel Shows Future Shows Past Shows

Christmas Through the Ages – with Michael Sicoly & Mick Dalla-Vee

A new and exciting twist on a traditional Christmas variety show…

Lennon & McCartney: In Their Own Words & Music

Lennon & McCartney: In Their Own Words & Music Two of the most copied and revered song writers of the world in a moving tribute with video, interviews and information in a perfectly recreated live performance video

M&M Party Mix

M&M Party Mix

M&M Party Mix