Late Night TV (2.19.14)

So Jimmy Fallon’s show is just more of the same dreck. He’s a nice guy and is talented as hell…. But he’s not a talk show host. Link

Actually, there’s been nothing new under the sun since David Letterman was on NBC at 12:30 after Johnny Carson who’s never ever been dethroned. Leno is a talented and devoted comic, but once again not a great talk show host, although he learned enough from his days substituting for Johnny that he was light years better than Fallon will ever be in that position.

If they were to bring back the ‘Variety Show’ (ala Carol Burnett), this would be a place where Fallon could show his true talents regularly. That’s why he was so great on SNL. Great mimic and talent, and like Harvey Korman, you never knew when we was going to crack up during a skit. You knew he would – just not when… and you laughed along with the cast when this happened.
For those of you too young to know what late night tv was like back then, I feel for you. It was fresh and exciting. And yes, at times it could actually be boring, but you endured it because even in it’s most dull moments, it maintained a cutting irreverence (especially Dave in his prime) that kept you glued. Now it’s over the top with no real substance.


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