Post script: Trama at Matsqui Penn…

Our friend on here Bob Soltis replied to my story on the Trama at Matsqui Penn post.

He said, “You were absolutely right not to trust or have anything to do with your old acquaintance. FYI – the “promoter” – Glenn Flett – coldly and without remorse killed a Toronto Hudson’s Bay manager during a Brinks Robbery in 1978. He married Sherry Edmunds at William Head in 1987. He found religion – but that doesn’t make any difference to the man he murdered or the family he left behind.”

‘Buck’ (the guy I told of from Sault Ste. Marie in story), indeed showed up in my life again around 1997. He apparently was hitchhiking his way around Canada and found himself back in BC for a while. I was playing two house gigs back then… Sunday to Tuesday at The Roxy in downtown Vancouver in the band The Surreal McCoys, and then Wednesday to Saturday at The Avalon Hotel with Cease & Desist in North Vancouver.

Buck showed up at The Avalon and came in semi-regularly for a few weeks. He spoke of how he would poetry while he was waiting for rides and wanted to turn these into songs with me. I had a great excuse to turn him down as I was hopelessly busy.

Buck had kind of a sinister laugh… almost cryptic actually.

I remember getting off stage after our set at The Avalon and Buck was standing near the back of the room. He got my attention and when I walked over, he did that ‘laugh’ again and simply said “Steppenwolf”.

I said, “Pardon?”

He repeated, “Steppenwolf” with that maniacal laugh.

I said, “You want to hear a Steppenwolf song?”

He said, “No! There’s no bands like Steppenwolf anymore. That’s what our music should be like!”

I excused myself and remained ‘busy’ whenever I saw him after that. He was just plainly too weird to be around.

I heard his brother Brian Rouse passed away a little later after this time. He was my first ‘bass player’ as a kid (mentioned in the Balderdash story). I think he was up in northern BC or Alberta. I can’t quite recall that, however I believe it was one of the ‘Fort’ places. (Fort St. John, Fort MacMurray). We had lost touch years before and probably hadn’t spoken since 1974/75.

Brian was a nice enough guy, but truly that family didn’t stand a chance. Now thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of abuse in that family with all 5 kids. Back when I was a teenager, Buck (Brian’s brother) always seemed lost and looking for a friend in the wrong places. The kids were always dirty with ripped clothes and there was always a lot of yelling around that place. Stereotypically, they lived in a very run-down trailer home.

I heard about 15 years ago that Buck passed away as well.

I don’t know the circumstances of either of their deaths.

It’s just all so sad…