‘Your Backstage Pass’ update

First of all, I must offer my apologies for not writing sooner. It’s been busy around these parts lately. ‘Your Backstage Pass’ is humming along quite nicely. Today’s interview with Paul Shaffer was like two old pals talking  – a good old fashioned ‘chin wag’. What a career! What a great musician! What and incredibly generous and kind person to talk to!

I had worked with Paul twice before in 2010 at The Roseland Ballroom in NYC and then again in 2012 when he MC’d the Canada’s Walk of Fame awards. Both times I got to play with him, and both times I got to talk to him a fair amount. We’re both Northern Ontario kids (he Thunder bay and I Sault Ste. Marie) and I was astounded at how much he knew about the Soo music scene. Thunder Bay is 450 miles from The Soo so for him to know so much about my little ol’ home town struck me as amazing.

Regardless… today, in what was supposed to be about an hour interview stretched into 2+ hours with promises made that we would do it again.

These shows won’t air until at least late March but I’m itching for people to see them. I’m really proud of these interviews… all of us at ‘SocialNRG’ are, and we’re getting bigger and bigger guests all the time. it’s quite exciting.

Between you and I, when we launch we will be hitting the marketplace with at least 12 2 hour interviews for audio and video…plus, many many many edited 1-3 minute segments of interest for people to watch quickly. This way, if you want to watch Mike Reno talk about his session with Ann Wilson when they did ‘Almost Paradise’ for the blockbuster ‘Footloose’, you don’t have to go through the entire two hour interview to try to fid it. We will be breaking them down for you for that reason. I mean who has time to watch an entire 2 hour interview on YouTube anyway…unless….we’ll see 🙂

On top of that many of you know that we got our little rescue Brittany Spaniel cross from Mexico over Christmas. Her name is Jenny and she’s a new love in my life. She’s a wonderful dog… kind, smart and stunningly beautiful (I’m a proud doggie-daddy).

With the show interviews and scheduling, the editing, writing new music on my own and with three other co-writers, I’m probably as busy as a person could be.

Sadly… it’s all on ‘spec’. I have faith in what I’m doing, but the money won’t come for awhile and (of course) I probably won’t be able to play live for at least another year I suspect.

This pandemic will make you humble if anything…

I must sign off now as Jenny needs her bedtime walk.

I’ll leave you with a few random pics… and we’re barely scratching the surface 🙂