Atlantic Crossing Show

The Atlantic Crossing show is a special performance put on by Cease and Desist. It is designed for special events and corporate functions.

Ian Cameron, Brent Howard Knudsen, Marc LaFrance and Mick Dalla-Vee doing an Atlantic Crossing Band Show.

Ian, Brent, Marc and Mick during an Atlantic Crossing Show performance.

This multi-band tribute is four complete sets featuring the music of:

  1. The Beatles – More than any other band in history, The Beatles had the most profound impact on pop music and culture. Almost all music created up to this day is still heavily influenced by the “Fab Four”. Atlantic Crossing always performs a spot on rendition of each of the songs.
  2. Rod Stewart – has one of the most iconic stage presences and singing styles ever. From the stylish suits to the signature stage moves, you will be totally amazed at how well Brent Knudsen both sounds like and mimics this famous singer. You would think that Rod is on stage during the set. Brent is without peer during this performance.
  3. Elton John – The flamboyant and energetic tour de force that embodies Sir Elton John is totally captured by Mick Dalla-Vee during this set. Most of the songs in this set are from the “Yellow Brick Road” Album, with some other popular numbers included as well. Audiences love these timeless classics, which are chosen to allow everyone to sing along during each number.
  4. ACDC – (which is more of a Pacific Crossing) is a recent addition to the act. The entire audience really gets rocking during this segment. Marc LaFrance has an incredible range and his raspy vocals lend themselves well to reproducing these songs faithfully. Once again, you would think that ACDC is on stage.

Adjectives like “Fantastic” and “Exceptional” are frequently used in reviews of the Atlantic Crossing performances

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Address: 2243 Beacon Avenue.

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