TBT: Winterlude – Ottawa, Ontario – February 2, 2007

These series of pictures are from February 2nd, 2007. The Randy Bachman Band were asked to open ‘Winterlude’ in Ottawa. It was a perfect day to do something I had on my bucket list… skate The Rideau Canal.

My niece Janine worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and met me at The Rideau Canal to hook up for a bit. She took these pics of me skating and some of the sites…

I found it unbelievable. I expected people to skate (of course…) and enjoy the uniqueness of it all (of course) but what blew my mind was the people in business attire with briefcases etc. skating to and from work or to appointments. They had a complete police force on hand (on quads) and food stands…. all along the canal….
It was an incredible thing to see….

That night we played outside… here’s a couple of videos people shot. One of ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ and another one of our ‘Hey You Medley’ where we tag a bunch of hit songs by other artists onto Randy’s BTO hit for some fun…

YASNY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cY0r6CnvZM

Medley Portion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDx_vUClH38

High School Confidential – CKVU TV Special – Vancouver 1983

This actually became the impetus to forming ‘The Shoes’ for EXPO ’86 3 years later.

‘The Shoes’ ended up becoming ‘Revolver – The World’s Best Beatles Band’

Rocket Norton (drums), and John Hall (keyboards *both from the band Prism*) along with Skip Prest (guitar and vocals from the band Sweeney Todd) landed a gig as the house band on a daily talk show/news magazine TV Show called (appropriately) ‘The Vancouver Show’.

When the idea came up to do a show catering to teenagers and the music they listened to from the 50’s to the present, Rocket enlisted Michael Sicoly (bass, vocals), myself (guitar, vocals), Brian Newcomb (Bass) and Basil Watson (extra keys, vocals)

Rocket was quite enamoured with Michael Sicoly and I for ability to play and emulate Beatles music, so when he got the call to put something together for EXPO 86, he asked Michael and I to join him and Skip for that gig.

We heard a board mix the sound-tech had made during one of our performances. We thought it was actually The Beatles. We decided pretty much right then and there to form ‘Revolver’…

Watch Here

The Magic of ‘Johnny’s Place’

Around about 1996 – 1997, I had heard about this little restaurant called ‘Johnny’s Place’ in Port Moody (about a mile and half from my place up the road in Coquitlam)

I had heard about it for good reason. Through the guitarist in Cease & Desist (Brent Howard Knudsen) I had met quite a few people.

So, I had met Tanya Panrucker, her sister Susan Smith and their mom Judy Panrucker. Judy ran Johnny’s Place. It was small; barely 40 seats nestled in a rustic surround which, from what I had heard, was mostly known to have the best breakfasts around.

I then heard a while later that at night the place was starting to go off….they were getting in some great talent. Judy ran into me at the bank one day and asked me to stop by – and suggested that maybe I could play there… but at the time, I was working 7 nights a week with two different bands so my time was pretty much used up for me to do ‘Johnny’s Place’.

The money they could offer was not huge due to their limited seating however Judy had said that if I were to play there, she could make it up to me with food and beverage etc.

Judy is and was always a very sweet person.

One night I happened to go into Johnny’s Place with my wife Joanne just to check the place out.

Judy’s boyfriend Barrie served us.

He took one look at me and said quite loudly, ‘ARE YOU MICK DALLA-VEE? MICK DALLA-VEE FROM TRAMA? THE ONE WHO SANG ROXANNE???’

I said rather sheepishly that I was… and he said ‘WELL LET ME THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!’

He went on to explain that in the 80’s, he would often frequent bars where Trama played. He knew that I would sing Roxanne at the beginning of the 3rd set, so he’d always make sure to chat up a gal on the previous break and ask her to dance the first song knowing it would be a ballad.

Barrie then said ‘you got me LAID so many times man!!! Let me buy you a drink!’

Ya… so I started hanging out there.

Because it was a restaurant, my whole family started hanging there. One of the last wonderful and deep conversations I had with my daughter Carolyn was there… a week before she died. Johnny’s Place started to mean the world to me as it did to a lot of musicians. It was just plainly magical.

Eventually, I wasn’t working Sunday nights any more, so I was able to start doing a solo there the odd time… then….I started doing every Sunday there.. it was just too much fun!

It ended up being even much more so incredible! My old pal Tommy Stewart started sitting in with me on drums and then the great Lee Worden on bass/vocals and the incredible Mike Norman on keys/vocals and sax who truly was probably the greatest talent I have ever known in my life. I hate cancer… taking a life so young with such huge promise.
But…. What a band! Probably the best band I have ever had ‘musicianship wise’ in my life. With Lee and Mike I was constantly simply trying to keep up. All in this little wee 40 seat place! Crazy!

Those Sundays were incredible!

When Carolyn passed away, Judy and Barrie graciously offered the restaurant for a gathering place after the service. It was perfect. Carolyn loved it there too…

Here’s a great shot from one of my Sunday gigs at Johnny’s Place with Jonas Falle on guitar beside me and the incredible Beverley Staunton. Beverley moved to LA a little while after this picture was taken and has had a huge career down there. Amongst a myriad of other gigs, she was the voice of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

with Beverley Staunton and Jonas Falle

Enjoy this video from a TV news magazine that had heard about ‘The Magic’ of Johnny’s Place.
Thank you Judy, Barrie, Susan and everyone who made me and my family part of your family… and for introducing me to some of the greatest musicians I have ever known.

The following video was shot on a Monday night. Russell Marsland (you’ll see him on guitar singing) had the place hopping every Monday. Great jamming… the night the cameras were there I was sitting in with my upright bass… which I had just acquired and was trying desperately to get a hang of.
Russell is a magnificent musician, guitarist/vocalist and his girlfriend Suzanne Gitzi (Raven) is one of the best female singers I have ever worked with. They are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I owe most of our friendship to Johnny’s Place.




Interesting project. Doug Edwards… wow – what can I say. The guy wrote WILDFLOWER!!!
I saw Doug play at The Sawmill Lounge at The Water Tower Inn with The Hans Staymer Band in Sault Ste. Marie when I was 17.
What a band…!!!

James Leroy was the manager of the Sawmill Lounge. James was the first rock star I ever really became friends with. James had 4 gold records in Canada at that time (1975). The biggest one was ‘Touch of Magic’ which I’ll post here: Still love that song…. RIP James… you meant more to me than you would have ever known…

James somehow heard that Jeff Neill, Michael Sicoly and I were to join Brien Armstrong (who he hadn’t meant) on the road in early 1976. He was thrilled for me (us)! He thought we were the cream of the crop in The Soo.
James had decided to settle in the Sault for a bit. Some say he had met a girl there (true) – others thought he had grown tired of touring (questionable…due to what I witnessed from him later when we hooked up as Shama had become quite a rising star in the prairies)- but my personal thoughts were, he was suffering from Type 2 diabetes. James was always overweight…regardless, he was stationed in the Soo…ran the Sawmill Lounge (booking some of the greatest bands I have ever seen to date) and working night shifts the odd night a CKCY Radio as a Deejay. When he worked as a DJay at CKCY, he would get me, and sometimes Michael Sicoly up to the broadcast booth with him for the night and tell us endless ‘road stories’. He was so thrilled that we were heading out west. He loved telling us about all the things we’d see and witness… what a thrilling time in my life!!

Back to The Hans Staymer Group. Listen here:

Hans Staymer was obviously on vocals (the blackest white singer ever), Wayne Kozak was on sax, Eddie Patterson on guitar, Doug Edwards on bass, Geoff Eyre on drums – I was watching with my mouth open. Incredible playing.

James tapped me on the back and said, ‘You see the bass player? He wrote ‘Wildflower’… (to me one of the greatest songs ever written… Listen here:

I never met any of them that night. I should mention at this time that I was underage and James (as the bar manager – risking his job) would sneak me in to see these great bands. Gawd I loved that guy! Aside from some very close family and friends, he was probably the first person that made me feel like ‘I HAD IT’… plus (to me) he had MADE IT! He was a rock star in my eyes…

Okay so now………Years go by…

…..it’s now 1986 and Marc LaFrance and I had been working together for a few months. One of his best friends was Doug Edwards. Doug lived in a house in prestigious West Van which he had bought with the money from Wildflower 11 years earlier. Doug lived very simply but was sitting on a pot of gold. West Van is one of the areas that would be known as’RICH VANCOUVER!’

Doug and I became pretty good friends and he even had me house sit for him for 7 months in 1986-87 while he went to Australia to study writing. (You never quit learning do you?)

He and Mary Garnett met in the early 90’s. When they released their CD, they asked me to play on a few gigs with them along with Marc and of course I was honoured to do so.

Doug still plays regularly as the bass player for Chilliwack… (one of my favourite groups of all time)

Video Here:

TBT – The Roseland Ballroom in NYC with Bachman and Turner, November 2010

with Paul Shaffer The Roseland Ballroom Dressing Room, New York City

Probably one of the more memorable times in my life thus far. We were to shoot a live DVD in the infamous Roseland Ballroom in NYC (since torn down sadly). I LOVE NYC – always have from my first time there in 2007 (***). I had played there earlier with Randy Bachman’s Band in 2008 at B.B. Kings in Times Square, but this would be on a whole new level.

The show was to be shot in 3D (that particular edit of it hasn’t been released to date… but what I saw in the truck looked incredible). The set design was spectacular with beams and girders everywhere (best captured on the aforementioned 3D version)… but best of all, we would be closing the show encores with Paul Shaffer, the musical director from the soon to be ending David Letterman Show. I have admired Paul Shaffer since his days at Saturday Night Live and have been a huge fan of David Letterman’s show. I always got a kick out of Paul’s ‘hipster’ banter with Dave.

I was amazed that the Ed Sullivan Theatre (where Letterman’s show is taped… and where The Beatles were unleashed to an unsuspecting North American audience on February 9th, 1964) was literally right out the back door of the Roseland Ballroom. The back door of the Roseland (where our production trucks were parked) was right across a narrow street (more of an alley) from the stage door of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

As we prepared for our show, I got to develop a bit of a banter with the infamous stage hand for Dave’s show, Biff Henderson. During the afternoon, Biff was usually poised outside the stage door as the guests arrived. This is where all the paparazzi and fans would wait to get their pictures and autographs as the Lettermen guests arrived.

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010
with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010
with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010
with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010
with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010
with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

Also across that street from the Roseland was The Hello Deli with it’s owner, the loveable Rupert Gee from all the funny Lettermen ‘man on the street’ shticks from years gone by. I was surprised that when I returned to NYC quite a while later to play at Les Paul’s Club in Times Square, I stopped by The Hello Deli and Rupert actually remembered me. I had invited him to the taping of our show, but he had to decline last minute and said so with great regret.


The day of the shoot we had an appropriately long sound check and then Paul showed up for our sound check and a run through before he was to go over and tape the Letterman show. He would then return when his Letterman gig was done and play with us for the 3 encore songs.

Paul was immediately a very cordial and talkative person. He loved swapping stories and we talked about Sault Ste. Marie. Paul was originally from Thunder Bay, and is a walking musical anthology. It must have started as a teenager for him, because he also knew every band from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s that were from The Soo. Most of these bands never left the Soo, yet he knew all about them. It made me quite proud of my hometown and in awe of Paul Shaffer all at once. When I chance to play with him again 2 years later at The Walk of Fame Award Ceremony in Toronto, he remembered me and that I was from the Soo and we carried on our talk once again. Great great guy… We all talked for hours in the dressing room after the taping.

The next day, Kevin Duffy (our road manager) was able to procure some VIP passes to see a taping of the Letterman Show. We were escorted in the stage door and were able to watch all the rehearsals and prep. As I walked in, I literally almost tripped over the ‘band stand’ where The CBS Orchestra plays. Very heady stuff.

By the way, over the years you have heard guests on David Letterman’s Show show speak of how cold the theatre is. No exaggeration. It’s freezing in there… I guess Dave likes to keep his audience alert… 😉

Here’s a video of TCB. Paul with B&T at The Roseland CLICK HERE


Sammy Hagar – March 11, 2011

Sammy Hagar With Mick Dallavee. Brothers separated at birth perhaps?
Sammy Hagar With Mick Dalla-Vee. Brothers separated at birth perhaps?
Sometimes there’s never a dull moment – brothers from a different mother… or at least the same follicle family.
The picture above was taken at the Gibson showroom in Toronto. Sammy was in Toronto for Music Week. He had just recently sold off his interests to ‘Cabo Wabo Tequila’ for high 8 figures and had reputedly invested a portion of it back to a rum company that was to be based out South Asia.
Sammy was as smiley as you see in this picture. We didn’t talk music so much as just niceties and joked about how similar our hair and features were.

That night we were playing The Mod Club with Bachman & Turner and he decided to pop in for a guest spot during the encore. As he walked in the back door, he yelled out ‘Hey Mick’ (it’s always nice when people remember your name)…
Shortly after this little set we did, he scooted out the back door…

All in all a great experience… Sammy’s a good guy….

Video Here:

Throw Back Thursday – Bruce Greenwood and Don Felder – July 12, 2003

Mick Dallavee having a good time on stage with Bruce Greenwood, and Don Felder.
having a good time on stage with Bruce Greenwood, and Don Felder.
On Stage with Don Felder and Bruce Greenwood (collage)
On Stage with Don Felder and Bruce Greenwood (collage)

Cease and Desist got a call to back up Don Felder from The Eagles, as he was going to play onstage during the ‘Courtnall Celebrity Classic’ in Victoria. The event raises money for mental illness disorders and this was the first of what was to become a semi-annual event.

Courtnall Celebrity Classic Promotional Poster
Courtnall Celebrity Classic Promotional Poster

I was thrilled of course. Having been an Eagles fan from ‘Take It Easy’ on upward, I felt incredibly lucky to be in the band picked to play behind him. We were to do ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, ‘Hotel California’ and ‘another song’.
At soundcheck I found out that Bruce Greenwood and Don are quite good friends (golfing buddies) and that Bruce is a musician as well as an actor, so he would be taking on the vocals for these songs.
Don Felder’s gear was supplied locally (I assume Long & McQuade)… a Strat, a Fender Amp (I recall it be a Deluxe Reverb) and a Tube Screamer distortion pedal.
As soon as we started running through Hotel California at sound check, THERE WAS THAT SOUND!!! Goes to show you that 90% of a guitarists ‘sound’ is actually out of their fingers… not the gear they use.
After soundcheck, we went back to our hotel rooms and were scheduled to be back in our green room an hour before we took the stage.
Backstage in that green room, Don Felder answered a whole lot of questions (mostly from me it seemed) about the Eagles, and although he was at that time in a law suit against them (notably Don Henley and Glen Frey), he answered with grace and enthusiasm.
I asked where the idea for Hotel California came from (his music, Don Henley’s words) and he had said that because all of the Eagles were from all over the USA originally, they all had talked about the effect coming to California for the first time and how it felt to all of them. They all had admitted to each other that, at the time, it felt like driving into the belly of the beast… and that there was no going back now. That was the impetus for the lyric.
He had said that they had recorded the entire Hotel California track starting on an E Minor, and that Henley would drive around with a cassette of it in his car to sing along to and conjure up lyrics and phrasing.
When it came time to do the vocals for real, Henley found that the song was totally out of his range! He had been singing along with it in the car but in a weak falsetto… but he couldn’t hit the notes in full voice at all.
So they had to scrap that version and redo the song starting on B minor.

Regardless it turned out to be simply ‘a rock classic’. It’s overplayed to this day, but I never tire of it. The vocals, the playing, the double lead guitars at the end with Don Felder and Joe Walsh steadfastly holds it as one of the best songs radio has ever played.

At the Courtnall Classic that year was also: Michael Buble,(who went on before us) Chad Kroeger (with just an acoustic guitar), Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson (who was dating Kid Rock at the time), David Foster… and on and on…. the night carried on at the large nightclub ‘Legends’ in The Strathcona Hotel after the gala ended. It seemed everyone got into it later that night. There were no instruments left to play, so David Foster simply conducted the band to try to put some dynamics to the cacophony that sometimes ensued.

Courtnall Classic Pictures
Courtnall Classic Pictures

Here’s a video (sorry no sound) of me playing bass behind Kid Rock with Chad Kroeger on guitar:


Quite a night of memories….

Randy Bachman Releases “Every Song Tells A Story” CD/DVD on March 11, 2014

Randy Bachman - Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story
Randy Bachman – Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story

The Guess Who guitarist and Bachman-Turner Overdrive member, Randy Bachman, has released a live CD/DVD recording featuring many hits from both bands performed on April 4, 2013 to a sold out crowd at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg Canada.


1. Prairie Town
2. Shakin’ All Over
3. These Eyes
4. Laughing
5. No Sugar Tonight
6. No Time
7. American Woman
8. Roll On Down The Highway
9. Let It Ride
10. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
11. Takin’ Care Of Business
12. Hey You
13. Undun
14. Lookin’ Out For 1

I remember that night well. Randy, Marc, Brent and I had a great time playing to a really receptive audience. You do not always get that kind of reaction. I guess playing in Randy’s home turf has that sort of advantage.

Here is the amazon link if you want to pick up the album “Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story“.

While you are at it, why not pick up a copy of Randy’s new Book as well, Tales From Beyond The Tap. It is an insightful retrospective of Randy’s career, including all the ups and downs.

Randy Bachman Tales From Beyond The Tap.jpg
Randy Bachman’s Book about his career, including all the ups and downs of over 4 decades of music.

Massey Hall – Randy Bachman Band – Vinyl Tap Tour – March 15, 2014

After opening our ‘Vinyl Tap Live 2014’ season with a show in Oshawa the previous evening, we played Massey Hall the next night. I had played there once before as part of Randy’s JazzThing tour several years ago with the late Jeff Healey and Duke Robillard which was a thrill for sure. Massey Hall originally built in 1896 is an amazing venue with great acoustics.

Currently, the band consists of Randy Bachman (of course), myself and my long time associates (from Cease and Desist), Brent Howard Knudsen and Marc LaFrance. An always a fun performance to do, Randy always ad-libs the show quite a bit. Almost caught us off guard a couple of times.

It was nice to play to a sold out show in such a prestigious venue…

Here are a bunch of Photos taken of the show:

Boingy Boingy Country Band – June 2011, Pender Harbour BC, Canada — From My Youtube Archives

I happened to be at a community day festival in Pender Harbor BC Canada in June of 2011. Although I had heard about these spring suspended drums, I had never seen them before, even in pictures. Seeing them in action was unexpected, but I could not resist the opportunity to take a video and immediately posting it to my account on youtube.

Since then it has received more than 117,000 views. Amazing!

For more information see my previous post.

Boingy, Boingy Rock Band Youtube Video – From 2011

I have never seen anything like this before or since!

“In June of 2011, I happened to be at a community day festival in a park in Pender Harbour. I had heard a rumour that these drums were in existence but had never seen them in pictures or in action up until that time.

When I saw them I was laughing so hard that I had to video tape it and post it up on YouTube asap for the world to see this…”

Since posting that video, it has gone viral, over 400,000 views at the time of this writing.

I have since learned that these drums were created by Canadian drummer and inventor Charlie Rose. Rumor has it that the first kit cost him about $4000.00 in beer and pizza, and an old car. In any event, he has a site called boingyboingy.ca that he started up shortly before I shot this video. So I am giving him a shout out link here. Hope it does him some good.

Apparently he was on “Dragons Den” in Canada (that is the Canadian version of “Shark Tank” for any Americans reading this), but unfortunately he got no backers. In any event, if you want a set for yourself, then visit his site. boingyboingy.ca. There are more demonstration videos to be seen there.



I asked Marc LaFrance, the drummer for Randy Bachman if he wanted a set for Christmas, but he was not interested. I have no idea why.