High School Confidential – CKVU TV Special – Vancouver 1983

This actually became the impetus to forming ‘The Shoes’ for EXPO ’86 3 years later.

‘The Shoes’ ended up becoming ‘Revolver – The World’s Best Beatles Band’

Rocket Norton (drums), and John Hall (keyboards *both from the band Prism*) along with Skip Prest (guitar and vocals from the band Sweeney Todd) landed a gig as the house band on a daily talk show/news magazine TV Show called (appropriately) ‘The Vancouver Show’.

When the idea came up to do a show catering to teenagers and the music they listened to from the 50’s to the present, Rocket enlisted Michael Sicoly (bass, vocals), myself (guitar, vocals), Brian Newcomb (Bass) and Basil Watson (extra keys, vocals)

Rocket was quite enamoured with Michael Sicoly and I for ability to play and emulate Beatles music, so when he got the call to put something together for EXPO 86, he asked Michael and I to join him and Skip for that gig.

We heard a board mix the sound-tech had made during one of our performances. We thought it was actually The Beatles. We decided pretty much right then and there to form ‘Revolver’…

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Revolver News Flash!!!



Revolver will be appearing August 22nd, 2014 at the Pacific National Exhibition on the main stage re-enacting the Beatles appearance at the PNE’s Empire Stadium 50 years ago to the day.

The entire evening will be staged as in 1964 with period outfits to be worn by the Vancouver City Police complete with period squad cars, motorcycles and much, much more.

This will be a world wide unprecedented event. Make sure you take in this monumental occasion when history was created in Vancouver.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recipient and legendary broadcaster, Red Robinson will be on hand to introduce all the acts just as he did in 1964.

Revolver’s set will be as posted here (exactly what the Beatles performed) then after a short intermission, the band will be back on with their full show.

The last time Revolver appeared at the PNE main stage it set a record attendance for any act on the main stage to date. This promises to be the PNE’s event of the summer.PNE Setlist



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