Hattrick (1987-1989)

By on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.

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In 1987, Jeff Neill came back to town (Vancouver to be exact) and wanted to start gigging around town with ‘Paradox’ again. The problem was, by that time, Marc LaFrance, Michael Sicoly and myself were already playing around town under that name because I had kept ‘the franchise’ alive. We needed a new name for Jeff, Bernie Aubin and myself, so we used ‘Hattrick’. Here’s one of the test shots from the new promo at that time.
Actually, I played in both bands for quite a while. Michael Sicoly and Marc LaFrance only wanted to play two weeks a month at that time, so I would fill the other two weeks with ‘Hattrick’ dates. Since the ‘then’ current Paradox never played outside of the lower mainland, ‘Hattrick’ continued to use the name ‘Paradox’ when we played Alberta etc. Some of our promo had ‘Hattrick’ and some of it ‘Paradox’

Paradox - Version 2

Paradox - Version 3

Paradox - Version 14

Paradox - Version 15

Paradox - Version 6

Paradox - Version 7

Paradox - Version 10

Paradox - Version 11

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