‪Bachman & Turner – You Ain´T Seen Nothing Yet High Voltage July 2010‬

BACHMAN & TURNER – YOU AIN´T SEEN NOTHING YET July 25, ,2010 high voltage festival – London
From this show, it is hard to believe that this team of musicians has only been playing together for a few months at this point. But that is not really a fair comment. In reality, Mick, Marc and Brent have been playing together for almost a quarter of a century. Randy and Fred played together for two decades. Randy has played with Mick for 13 years, and with Marc and Brent for 3 years. It is Fred who has only been with this group for 3 months, and he fits in seamlessly. It is a credit to the talent of all of these people that they are so flexible and versatile in the instruments that they play and in their stage presence.

People in this video:

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