‪Revolver – A Salute to The Beatles‬

REVOLVER: The World’s Best Beatles Tribute Band

In the sixties, the most exciting phenomenon in music history invaded North America. Winning us over with their charm and capturing our hearts while electrifying our lives the BEATLES gave us style, wit, and the best songs ever written.

REVOLVER is a two-act musical stage play that recaptures the euphoric energy of the music as well as the charm of the Beatles’ personalities.

Live performances of almost 50 the BEATLES’ greatest hits interwoven with personal anecdotes and state-of-the-art multimedia tell the story of the most important band in Rock and Roll.



Introduced by Ed Sullivan. Act I follows the Beatles from Liverpool to America and the world. Supported by video footage, changing costumes, and narration, the BEATLES music developed from simple pop tunes songs to works of art. Experience the excitement of live BEATLES show s right up to their final concert in Candlestick Park in 1966.

CBS Theatre in New York – Ed Sullivan Show – 1964, Japanese Tour set – ‘Help era – 1965, American Tour set – 1966


ACT 11

Exploding with colour and dazzling visual effects, REVOLVER appears in the famous SGT PEPPER’S costumes to present uncanny live reproductions of sensational songs from the greatest rock album ever made. From the BEATLES’ artistic pinnacle as a group through their growth as individual performers, REVOLVER follows the long and winding road of the BEATLES’ studio years up to ‘Let It Be” with a spectacular recreation of the now-famous “Rooftop Concert”.

’Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – Album Cover – 1967, BBC Television Studio – “All You Need Is Love” telecast – 1968, Abbey Road Studios, London – “Let It Be’ recording sessions – 1969, Roof of Apple Records, London, England – rooftop concert – 1969, Abbey Road Crosswalk, NW8, London. England – 1969.

REVOLVER is theatre with a beat that won’t stop. An evocative story set to the unforgettable melodies of the most popular songs ever written, REVOLVER’s sound inspires the same innocent hysteria generated by the BEATLES. Even teenagers who were not yet born when the BEATLES broke up respond with emotion and adoration to REVOLVER

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