*Class * Superb Vocals * Tons of Comedy

* Outstanding Musicianship * Audience Interaction

What you can expect from an A&M GRANDS performance

* Note-for-note vocal recreations * Keyboard & musical wizardry * Audience interactions and reactions * Simply ‘un-stumpable’ song requests * Comedy bits throughout the entire performance 

Combining the zany whit of a modern-day Victor Borges with an uncanny knack for imitation of any kind, genre or voice, Andrew Johns (Alice Cooper) and Mick Dalla-Vee (Randy Bachman, BTO) will have you jumping in your seats.

Through sheer unparalleled talent and expert use of technology, you will be astounded at how two people can generate such a full sound. They can handle any requests you will throw at them with unmatched quality, and they make it incredibly fun for everyone.

As an add on, the show can be offered in a full multimedia presentation with camera operators, or with state of the laser-lighting and visual effects on large screens 

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