Lake House Recording and Multimedia

Formerly known as ‘Millennia Sound Design’

Lake House Recording and Multimedia is a full service audio and video production facility specializing in project oriented recording and complete package solutions. From assisting in development of your material to co-ordinating talent, arranging, tracking, mixing and mastering we can bring it all together and help you realize your vision, sonically as well as visually.

Regardless of how simple or involved your project is, or your budgetary constraints, we can customize a package that meets your requirements and assures your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your project or concept and we can help to make it a reality.

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Studio Shot Lake House Productions. Connect with Mick Dalla Vee for information on Lake House Productions studio.


(Meet Me at) The Crossroads – Sarah Smith


Baby Blue – Rachael Chatoor


Angry – Marc LaFrance


The Beautiful Band – Barry Greenfield


Bad Like That – Hello Beautiful


She Controls Me – Mick Dalla-Vee


Hero – Hello Beautiful