Cease & Desist

Cease & Desist are sure to make your party a great one!

Cease and Desist are the consummate entertainment professionals. With over 100 years of combined musical expertise and in excess of 1000 corporate gigs done over a 30 plus year span, Cease and Desist are the ultimate in corporate entertainment. 

“We love Cease and Desist so much we’ve had them back 5 times!”

The band’s song list is extensive. They take great pride in their versatility. In a single performance you hear them play an “Andrews Sisters” song all the way to a “Garth Brooks” song to a “Joni Mitchell” song to an “AC/DC” song back-to-back!

The top hits of the most popular music of the last half century!

For Cease & Desist please contact Marc LaFrance at 604-649-5910 or email here

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Cease and desist band
Cease and desist band


Check out Cease and Desist Promo Video.

With dozens of promotional videos to their credit, check out the Cease and Desist YouTube channel.- View here