The Montreal Jazz Festival – 07.07.07

Randy Bachman with Mick Dalla-Vee Montreal Jazz Festival 07.07.07

The Montreal Jazz Festival – 07.07.07

Video Here: Jazzthing Montreal Jazz Festival 2007

The date was 07.07.2007…. and apparently we actually started at 07:07 PM just to make it ‘magic’ (however, unless Randy’s watch is on a different time zone as you can see in the video, that could be ‘folklore’)
Montreal Jazz Festival. The sweet (and now late…) Roge` Belanger on drums, the incomparable Chris Gestrin on Wurlitzer, me (Mick Dalla-Vee) on a Yamaha upright and RB + Special guest star the wonderful Duke Robillard.

That day was very special for me. We played with George Benson that night. (How in the hell was I playing upright bass at The Montreal Jazz Festival with George Benson?)

After we were done, a young beautiful black girl came on stage with her band. She played upright bass too. Her name was Esperanza Spalding…. yes THAT Esperanza Spalding! First time I’d seen or heard of her…. she kicked my butt so hard… a monster player and singer. Now SHE deserved to be at The Montreal Jazz Festival!!!!

If you haven’t heard of her, check her out HERE

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