Princess Diana

Note: This is from a few months back. I spared sharing it then…


When Diana landed in New York for the first time, it is just not possible to convey how much she was already loved here. People lined up to see her wherever she went. She was a celebrity like no other and she was just such a young woman.

So many might not remember that we were in the midst of the unfolding HIV holocaust because we had an imbecilic moron with dementia in the White House at the time and one of the biggest backers of Reagan was Jerry Falwell.

Falwell was a fool of a dupe with all the intellectual prowess of a gnat. Before Falwell, churches stayed out of politics but he created the imaginary ‘moral majority’ of hypocritical Grendels that were all to happy to vote for the worst president in the 20th century because they wanted to impose their religious beliefs onto everyone else as they always do.

Falwell was a gluttonous hypocrite of the worst kind and one of his famous proclamations was that HIV was the punishment for homosexuals ‘mocking god.’ Unless you lived through it, it is impossible to convey now how very real and popular that sentiment was. EVERYONE was afraid of HIV and nobody cared for many many years because it spread through the gay community first.

Of course the scientists at the time, namely Tony Fauci was trying to determine how it spread and a group of doctors in San Francisco rightly deduced that it was in the blood supply. The problem was that Reagan was one of those simpleton (religious affiliation redacted) like Falwell, so he did absolutely nothing to stop the spread.

To everyone then, this was perfectly acceptable to sit back and watch gay men waste away from what was wrongly called ‘gay cancer’ because the NIH couldn’t get funding to study what was happening. Sounds familiar don’t it?

Then children started getting it from blood transfusions. When some of the CDC members met to try and give recommendations to stop the spread, they wanted to stop gay men from donating blood because we didn’t even have an accurate test for years. The gay community rose up in fury to object to these recommendations because they lived with enough stigma as it was and they didn’t want to get even more stigmatized by them not being able to donate blood. Passion and ignorance beat intelligence and science.

AIDS patients were reviled and its victims where questioned as to how they got it when it was known to only be a ‘gay disease’, until the children started getting it and hemophiliacs. People were scared and they made no secret that they thought AIDS patients should suffer. It was an atmosphere of cruelty that is hard to impart unless you were there when it happened.

If you can imagine Fox’s reaction to COVID when it first began, imagine it ten times worse. There were conservative and religious commentators saying the most horrible and ignorant things about the people afflicted by it. Cruelty is always the point with such people.

Then Diana came to Harlem and visited children with HIV. Caucasians then did not care that it was spreading faster to poor black people because racism was alive and well then and couple that with the fear and you can imagine what people thought about doing anything about HIV, until they saw the princess hugging black babies in the worst hospitals you can imagine.

What she did was embarrass ‘the moral majority’ who were sitting on their asses pointing their fingers and doing nothing to stop the spread of HIV. Sound familiar?

Diana went into the poorest inner city hospital and it was embarrassing that the richest country in the world would let its black citizens be treated in dilapidated hospitals. I cannot tell you how that changed the entire country overnight. Her compassion for those kids changed everyone. She hugged and kissed them when everyone else was afraid to. She alone changed the entire Falwell narrative about HIV in this country overnight.

People wanted to do something about it because Princess Diana wanted to do something about it but Republicans were stubborn as they are now about helping human beings who need health care. It wasn’t until Rock Hudson announced that he had AIDS that Reagan finally did something about it. By then, tens of thousands were dead and tens of thousands more would die.

We found out yesterday that the Trump administration was trying to get more people infected with COVID because they were shooting for Scott Atlas’ ‘herd immunity’ theory that would cost the lives of 5 million Americans if they had succeeded.

I just wanted everyone to stew about that as we watch the final days of this criminal administration who actively tried to get more Americans killed from COVID. Do not ever let any of the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump forget it either. They all have blood on their hands just as the ‘moral majority’ still do.

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