Revolver – The World’s Best Beatles Band

Revolver – The World’s Best Beatles Band – Commercial

This is a commercial featuring Revolver – The World’s Best Beatles Band from Vancouver, BC Canada.

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Voiceovers are courtesy Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Red Robinson with some commentary from the band itself… Enjoy!

Early in REVOLVER’S career, Rick Neilson and Robin Zander of the band Cheap Trick came out to see the show unannounced. They were instant fans proclaiming, “Being self-confessed ‘Beatle-Freaks’, we go to see every Beatles show or tribute on the planet when we’re on tour. You guys in REVOLVER are by far – THE WORLD BEST BEATLES SHOW”

..and so the story continues:

“Having emceed The Beatles in Vancouver in 1964, I was up close to the real thing. I have also seen many of the tribute groups and please believe me when I say, REVOLVER is the best of them all. If you want to “live” the Beatles experience you must take in REVOLVER”. Red Robinson -Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Recipient... one of the ‘original 4’ R&R Djays along with Wolfman Jack, Allen Freed and Dick Clark.

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