Revolver Video Rehearsal (with Time Code)

At the outset, I apologize for the quality of this footage. I dug this out of some old VHS tapes wondering what exactly did I have ‘in this box’. The back story…

In 1994, Revolver was getting ready to do a concert at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. It was our first time doing the show with complete set changes. It was so elaborate that we even had two drum risers with two sets of different drums (Ringo’s earlier ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ kit and his later Maple Ludwig kit from the Let It Be movie). The poor stage crew… these drum risers and drums, keyboards, amps, guitars, ‘flying’ Yellow Submarines (and on and on)  had to be exchanged and moved quickly usually in the dark; silently, and with NASA-like precision and timing.
That Revolver sign you see is actually a two pieces of lumber with a piano hinge holding it together. We also had wooden arrows that you’ll see during this, which were there to replicate the Ed Sullivan stage from February 9th, 1964 when The Beatles made their North American debut and time literally stood still. (Indeed it was reputed that crime rates all over the U.S. magically sank during the time the Beatles were on “Ed Sullivan.”)

We had the luxury of being able to rehearse our new show at The Vogue Theatre for a few days leading up the ticketed event. The owners of the Vogue Theatre (Granville Entertainment) had invested heavily into our new show… including the carpentry needed to make the new set designs. The band had to rehearse elaborate costume changes that we had never done up until that time, and the poor stage crew had a ridiculously hard job of redressing the stage about every 4-5 songs as the 2 1/2 hour show progressed. It was an incredible undertaking.

While we were rehearsing, several cameras were brought in to perhaps make a commercial television ad for the show for future theatrical performances. The ‘ins and outs’ of what was to be made into a commercial is what you’re seeing here. I only have the one ‘balcony’ camera angle here.

It’s Revolver playing live to the cameras… but just little ‘snippets’ of songs meant to be ‘stitched together’ at a later time for the aforementioned TV commercial.

It was never used (by the way) and I don’t even think that the Revolver band has seen this… so this is truly archival stuff.

The link to this is ‘unlisted’ so you are the only ones who can see this video. Hope you enjoy it with all of it’s blunders.

My only wish is that it were clearer.