John Lennon for Kids (and Roger Klug)

Roger Klug

One day, Brent Knudsen and I were driving back from a rehearsal for something (can’t remember what now) and I saw a CD sitting on his console. I asked him what it was and he replied that he didn’t know; that it had simply found it’s way into his car and he didn’t know where from and he hadn’t listened to it at all.

I read the CD Label and it was called ‘Roger Klug – Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs‘ (I knew I HAD to hear this…) I put it on and loved it immediately – irreverent, pop music expertly written and played.


Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs - Roger Klug
Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs – Roger Klug

I asked Brent if I could borrow it and he complied. I kept that CD as part of my regular rotation for quite a while.

I mentioned Roger Klug one day to my other friend Lee Worden. He said that he had heard of him and even ordered his CD online one day and loved it. He said he lent it to his friend Chris Aiken for him to listen to, and then apparently Chris misplaced it and Lee never saw it again. (Chris played drums for a while in Brent’s country band ‘Southern Cherry’ – hence how it ended up mysteriously in Brent’s car).

I gladly was able to return it to Lee the next day.

In the meantime I developed a bit of an online friendship with Roger. We chatted a bit about this and that and then it came to pass that I was a doing a gig with Joan Jett in Ohio in 2012 and we finally met face to face.


(Now this is funny…)


I love his work. Roger’s an incredibly talented and funny multi-instrumentalist who crafts great pieces of music.

For some more fun and also some great music, go visit my friend Roger Klug.


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