The First Time that Cease & Desist Played with Randy Bachman

The First Time that Cease & Desist Played with Randy Bachman

This interesting piece of paper was recently found. It’s a schedule that shows the first time that Cease and Desist played on the same stage with Randy Bachman. This was back on May 6, 1993. Almost 30 years ago at the time of this post. The story:

At the time, Marc LaFrance (our drummer/vocalist in Cease & Desist) was on the board of the Vancouver Musician’s Association. It was common knowledge at the time that many, many movies and TV shows normally shot in Hollywood, were being brought up to Vancouver. The union staff were extremely competent, the scenery and shoot locations were very plentiful and the dollars they would save on the exchange with these productions allowed them to stay within budget much more easily.

It was very evident that although this was all happening in the movie/tv business, the same wasn’t happening for the music supplied for those productions. They were by and large still using mostly American musicians and writers. To combat that, Marc was part of a team that set up a showcase of local talent at the then popular nightclub ‘Richards on Richards’ on a Thursday afternoon.

Randy was brought is as the ‘guest rock star’ that day to high-light the proceedings.

As you can see we played ‘Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ & ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ (of course) to close the show


This is pretty much the first time Cease and Desist ever played with Randy Bachman 1993
The set times

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