Shooby Taylor


From Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shooby Taylor – The Music Speaks for Itself…


I discovered Shooby a few years ago. It was only now that I ‘rediscovered’ him…
Please grab a listen…

I’ve included the lyrics (if that’s what they are…) for you to enjoy and sing along with if you will…these have been painstakingly copied syllable by syllable here for your enjoyment.
You may have to open two windows and navigate back here to listen and read along at the same time – which I highly recommend…

Click Here to Listen –


Whee, shoo soo sah, shoo soo swah, shoo voo plah, doo doo rah, doo doo sah, doo doo rah
Soo-da-li-twee-daht, soo-da-li-doo-ton-plee-blah

Dwee, dah dah shrah, plah plah sah, dah dah rah, plav da shree, loh ku pah, dav du sah!
Soo-da-li dwee-daht, soo-da-li doo-ton plah-blah

Ray, shah-dah-hah, shah-plah-vrah, sah-vlah-sah, shah-plah-rah, sah-vlah-nah, shah-vlah-hah
Soo-day-li doom-bop, doo-dwee-bee-oo-ton-dwee-bee

Bim, soo-dee-lee dee-dah-lah-bay oo-dayt, dayt, dwee-bay-doo
Shrah, soo, shah, nah, rah, sah, pah, dah, hah
Soo-duh-lay dee daht, soo-duh-lay doh-ton twee-bop

Bim, soo-di-lee dee-buh-lah-bay diddle-ay doat-und vee-bah
Bim, doodle-ay deedle-lah-bay, soodle-ay doo-dah-laht-nn
Dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la, dwin-shoodle-ay-doo-goo-la
Bim, doo-bah-lah-odel-doo-bah-lah-bah-doo-buh-luh-buh-doo-bah-lah-bah

Bim, zhoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee, dah
Soo doo-zhoo-lah doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy, poppy!
Soo shoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bah

Bih-mm doo-goo-lah �h-ay-nn doodle-ay hooh-ay-nn doo-goo-lah �h-ay-nn doo-doo-ay
Bih-nn doo-goo-lah �h-ay-nn doo-goo-lah dooh-ay-nn doo-goo-lay oon-da-da-duh

Ooh oopy poopy, poppy poppy, poppy poppy da shra! Poppy da rah! Soo doo-ba-lay doo-dah!
Bim, soo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee doo drah!
Dah dah dah sah, buh doo hah rah!
Ho, ho, ho, ho! So, ho, ro, ho!
Do-o-oh, ho, ho droh, foo-dah-lay-pah
Bim, soo-da-lee dee-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bay doo-ton
Dway, zhoo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Dun, zhoo-da-lee doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Hoppy poppy poppy poppy doppy doppy dop shra!

Bim, shoo-di-lah deedle-ah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Bim soo-da-li duh-dah-lah-shree, soo-duh-lay doo-goo-lah-bay
Oodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee, dum shoo-doo shrah-dah,
Bim duh doh doh doh doh duh doh, bay-ton-doh-bul-ah-oodly-shoo-doo-lay!

Dim, zoo-duh-lay doo-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee oo-ton
Dwen zhoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Zschrun, zhoo-duh-lay doo-goo-lah-bah doodle-ay doat-un doh-bay
Peepy, poppy, peepy, poppy, doppy dop-ah foo-di-ah bah

Bim, zoo-duh-lay dee-dah-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Skim, soo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay doodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Vwin, shoo-doo-lay doo-goo-lah-bay oodle-ay doat-un dwee-bee
Dopey dopey dopey dopey driv-duh-doo shpla-a-a-ah!