Paradox Version Two


In 1985, Bernie Aubin too an offer to go back to playing drums with The Headpins. Jeff Neill and I (Mick Dalla-Vee) started playing regularly at The Embassy with a drummer (who was also a club manager) Ziggi Ziccardo. We started filling the place and soon other clubs wanted the band. Ziggi was held tight to the club and wasn’t able to play outside it’s doors so we had to find another drummer.

Marc LaFrance was a drummer I had known about for about 9 years by that time. We kept hearing about each other on the prairie circuit in fact. I was able to get in touch with Marc who was mainly doing session work around Vancouver at the time and asked him to play with Jeff Neill and I. He said yes but it was it was only supposed to be for one weekend at Outlaws Nightclub in downtown Vancouver. Marc, Jeff and I jelled quickly and we started taking on other gigs.

Shortly after that, Jeff was asked to join Jimmy Barnes (out of Australia) to tour with ZZ Top across North America. It was huge opportunity and Jeff jumped at it for good reason. Stuck to find a suitable replacement quickly, I called on my old Sault Ste. Marie musical compadre Michael Sicoly. In Paradox thus far, I had played bass, but when Mike joined I went back to guitar. This configuration had incredible vocals. Everyone in this band could carry their own band easily so the vocals structures and textures were luxurious. The music you will hear in this post s from yet another CFOX radio broadcast. Just a trio with no overdubs…

Who’s Gonna Fire the First Shot

Lost Without Your Love

When The Rain Comes Down

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