Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch with Guest Host Mick Dalla-Vee (Aired April 21, 2024)

  I was very honoured to be asked by Joe to be a guest host for his show. I was allowed to pick whatever topic I liked so I decided to have my first show be about anomalies and alternate mixes of some Beatles songs. These certainly aren’t all that I have but there’s only so much room for a one hour long radio show. I’m hoping you’ll you’ll enjoy it. I would love to do more of these. I have been compiling Beatle anomalies, alternate takes and insider tracks for years. It was nice to have a place to share them with the public!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


This is an extended version of Part Four that ran overtime for the radio show:


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There’s loads of ‘insider information’ on the site along with ‘Brunch on Demand, Old Brown Shows, Brunch Bytes, Videos, Community, Beatles Links etc. It’s a great place to hang out online and a great source of all things “Beatles”!

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