The Legendary Deans (5 songs)

Jeff Neill, Michael Sicoly and I – our one and only gig thus far sadly.

We were asked to play a cancer fundraiser at the Bell Centre Theatre in Surrey. This is not a mix from any real professional source… just from the little camera mic’s that videoed the show. When we saw and heard how good this was, we started rehearsing for real. We had a very impressive song-list of songs we were working that we had really never heard anyone do live before… all off the floor, and all natural. We were very excited and it was sounding so great in our get together’s at Jeff’s house.

Sadly, Kenny Shields (Streetheart’s lead singer) suddenly died and Jeff was left with a virtual mountain to deal with. It took the life out of Jeff and squashed our plans.

Now that Jeff has permanently moved to Winnipeg in 2020, I don’t think this act will ever get to see it’s full potential.

It should be noted that Perry Logan, the author who penned the book ‘Children of Concern’, listened to and watched these videos quite a bit while staring at blank pages ready to be filled with his immense talent. He subsequently wrote a performance of ‘The Legendary Deans’ into his story. Get the book. It’s a fascinating fictional piece!

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