Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell

I first heard of Lindsay Ell in 2004.


I was touring some ‘soft seaters’ with Randy Bachman across Canada with our ‘story-teller’ show. On this tour he would have a ‘warm-up’ act (a rarity). The warm up act would be this young guy from Alberta, Canada named Michael Carey who’s album Randy had just produced. Randy had been writing with a number of Nashville writers and needed an outlet for the material when Michael Carey’s family was approached by him. Michael had a wonderful full voice for such a young guy and it’s a great album if you care to listen:

I was asked to also play guitar with him for his opening slot on this tour.

I would then switch to bass to play with Randy.
Since essentially it was just Michael by himself added to the tour, he took a bunk on our tour bus as we drove across the country from venue to venue. Michael and I became quite close… a wonderful kid from a great family.

While we were tossing around some songs one day on the bus, he started talking about his girlfriend ‘Lindsay’ and that she was a very talented singer guitarist.

He then played me the MP3 I am sharing with you here. I was blown away… and I didn’t realize it was live until the applause at the end. When she recorded this piece, she was 15 years old!

Lindsay and her very close knit family came out for a few of the shows we did with Michael. She had plans to do music as a full time career.

She made the move to Nashville as soon as she turned 19 and has been turning heads on the music scene down there for years.

It’s only a matter of time for her. She has everything it takes.
The last time I saw her in person was in 2011 in Nashville at The Gibson Guitar Factory there. Bachman & Turner were playing a concert on the grounds for a company event. Lindsay had an endorsement deal with Gibson (you have to be SOMEBODY to get one of those – especially with Gibson) so she came and hung out with everyone for the day. Randy has been quite instrumental in her career and she mentions his name often in media blurbs on her.