Loneliness for Love by Vertigo – 1988

Vertigo MuchMusic Interview with Terry David Mulligan, Bill Thomas and Mick Dalla-Vee

Loneliness for Love by Vertigo – 1988



This is an interview with Terry David Mulligan on the release of the ‘Loneliness For Love’ video. The band was called ‘Vertigo’ and their debut album was produced by the world renowned, Jack Richardson. Jack was the producer of The Guess Who, of whom I was a big fan. I wasn’t the actual lead singer for this band. It just happened to be that the band had split up just as airplay had started to happen for this particular song. Rather than reassemble the troops, Bill Thomas (the principle writer) decided that I should re-sing the song and be in the video.

I was excited to be produced by Jack Richardson for this session

…but it was not to be. I would just sing with Bill and an engineer present, then they would send it off to Jack for his adjudication on the performance. Apparently it was okay, because the next thing I knew, I was staring in a video for it. Odd…but it was fun. The original band had these members: Cam Vanas on vocals, Billy Peacock on keys, Rob Begg on bass, Corky Spolar on drums and Erik Rowlett on guitar.

Why am I wearing a ’Skytrain Security’ Shirt? Well – I had a thing for awhile where I wore ‘staff shirts’ that I collected off of places I played (or visited). One time I befriended a Skytrain security guard and asked him if I could have his work shirt. The next day he showed up with it freshly laundered. He said he had another couple of them anyway…

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