The Ron Tabak Band

The Ron Tabak Band


In 1979 – 1980 there was an experimental band put together called The H.U.N.N. (which stood for John HALL, Doni UNDERHILL, Rocket NORTON and Jeff NEILL). They toured around the local bar scene whenever schedules would allow. Eventually they went into Mushroom Studios during those days and self-produced about 5 of their songs.

When Prism changed hands to essentially become The Henry Small Band,

Rocket Norton decided to take on Ron Tabak in a managerial capacity. He needed new material to shop to the labels. Jeff Neill had moved on Streetheart so the songs they had recorded with The H.U.N.N. were just sitting there doing nothing. Rocket got John Hall and Ron back into the studio to get Ron to sing over Jeff Neill’s lead vocal so that he had some product to shop. Sadly some of the ‘real lyrics’ were miss-heard so consequently Ron sang some wrong lyrics… (in ‘Up on the Delta’ the line is ‘whip kiss in the face’ not ‘wet kiss in the face’ and in ‘Living Your Life That Way’ the line ‘But take the time to cut the lines it could mean enough’ was sung ‘But take the time to cut the lies it could mean enough’ lol – there’s a few of them in there…)

Regardless, it’s a time piece.

The Ron Tabak Band Studio Tracks

Living Your Life That Way (Studio Version)

Up On The Delta (Studio Version)

Recorded Live on CFOX radio in Vancouver in 1981


Jamaica (Writer: Jim Vallance)

Living Your Life That Way (H.U.N.N.)

Up On The Delta (H.U.N.N.)

It’s Over (Prism)

Virginia (Prism)

Band Introductions

Shot in The Dark (H.U.N.N.)

Amelia Earhart (Writer: Jim Vallance)

Meltdown (H.U.N.N.)

Jealousy (Prism)

Armegeddon (Prism)

Ron Tabak – Lead Vocals

Rocket Norton – Drums

John Hall – Keyboards

Doni Underhill – Bass

Mick Dalla-Vee (Dalla-Vicenza) – Guitars

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