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Randy Bachman is now 70 years old and still rocking. Randy just never quits. Working with him has shown me just how hard a worker he is, and how tenacious that you have to be to succeed like he has. I worked with him casually before 2001, but about that time I got a regular gig with him as part of the Randy Bachman Band for the first “Every Song Tells a Story (ESTAS)” tour. (Videos Here) Since then I have played with him on tour every year. I have worked on his JazzThing albums, as part of a duo at private parties, and lately, since his reunion with C.F. Fred Turner, as part of “Bachman and Turner”. He is a true giant in the music industry, both in Canada and abroad.

It was a pure pleasure for me to perform with him and Fred when they were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Born in Winnipeg, Randy Bachman is a legendary figure in the international Rock and Roll scene because of his talents as a guitarist (second to none), songwriter, performer and producer. He has over 120 gold and platinum album/singles awards around the world for performing and producing. He has had songs in the number 1 position of over 20 countries, and has sold over 40 million records. Many songs that were written by Randy have also been performed by other top talent and have shown up in many movie soundtracks and television shows over the years. He first hit the billboard charts in 1965 and has had top 40 songs in every decade since then.

Best known from his work with “The Guess Who” and “Bachman Turner Overdrive”, Randy has also produced solo work under his own name where he has two Jazz albums to his credit. More recently, Randy has a weekly radio show on the CBC called “Vinyl Tap” where he discusses music, instruments and often interviews guests. He is concurrently working on two tours. One is the “Vinyl Tap Tour” where he teams up with myself (Mick Dalla-Vee), Marc LaFrance and Brent Knudsen in a retrospective of his work. He also re-united with C.F. Fred Turner in 2010 and released a new CD simply called “Bachman and Turner”. Randy and Fred are joined by myself (Mick Dalla-Vee), Marc LaFrance and Brent Knudsen both on the album and on tour. Both are amazing musicians and great people to work with.

For completeness, I have included some Wikipedia references on Randy:

Randolph Charles “Randy” BachmanOCOM(/ˈbækmən/; born September 27, 1943) is aCanadian musician best known as lead guitarist,songwriter and a founding member for both the 1960s–70s rock band The Guess Who, and the 1970s rock band Bachman–Turner Overdrive. Bachman was also a member of the band Brave Belt with Chad Allan, Union and a band calledIronhorse, and has recorded numerous solo albums.

He is also a national radio personality on CBC Radio One, hosting a weekly music show calledVinyl Tap.

Bachman and Turner

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TBT – The Roseland Ballroom in NYC with Bachman and Turner, November 2010

By on Thursday, February 26th, 2015.

with Paul Shaffer The Roseland Ballroom Dressing Room, New York City

Probably one of the more memorable times in my life thus far. We were to shoot a live DVD in the infamous Roseland Ballroom in NYC (since torn down sadly). I LOVE NYC – always have from my first time there in 2007 (***). I had played there earlier with Randy Bachman’s Band in 2008 at B.B. Kings in Times Square, but this would be on a whole new level.

The show was to be shot in 3D (that particular edit of it hasn’t been released to date… but what I saw in the truck looked incredible). The set design was spectacular with beams and girders everywhere (best captured on the aforementioned 3D version)… but best of all, we would be closing the show encores with Paul Shaffer, the musical director from the soon to be ending David Letterman Show. I have admired Paul Shaffer since his days at Saturday Night Live and have been a huge fan of David Letterman’s show. I always got a kick out of Paul’s ‘hipster’ banter with Dave.

I was amazed that the Ed Sullivan Theatre (where Letterman’s show is taped… and where The Beatles were unleashed to an unsuspecting North American audience on February 9th, 1964) was literally right out the back door of the Roseland Ballroom. The back door of the Roseland (where our production trucks were parked) was right across a narrow street (more of an alley) from the stage door of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

As we prepared for our show, I got to develop a bit of a banter with the infamous stage hand for Dave’s show, Biff Henderson. During the afternoon, Biff was usually poised outside the stage door as the guests arrived. This is where all the paparazzi and fans would wait to get their pictures and autographs as the Lettermen guests arrived.

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson - David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

with Biff Henderson – David Letterman Show November 19th, 2010

Also across that street from the Roseland was The Hello Deli with it’s owner, the loveable Rupert Gee from all the funny Lettermen ‘man on the street’ shticks from years gone by. I was surprised that when I returned to NYC quite a while later to play at Les Paul’s Club in Times Square, I stopped by The Hello Deli and Rupert actually remembered me. I had invited him to the taping of our show, but he had to decline last minute and said so with great regret.


The day of the shoot we had an appropriately long sound check and then Paul showed up for our sound check and a run through before he was to go over and tape the Letterman show. He would then return when his Letterman gig was done and play with us for the 3 encore songs.

Paul was immediately a very cordial and talkative person. He loved swapping stories and we talked about Sault Ste. Marie. Paul was originally from Thunder Bay, and is a walking musical anthology. It must have started as a teenager for him, because he also knew every band from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s that were from The Soo. Most of these bands never left the Soo, yet he knew all about them. It made me quite proud of my hometown and in awe of Paul Shaffer all at once. When I chance to play with him again 2 years later at The Walk of Fame Award Ceremony in Toronto, he remembered me and that I was from the Soo and we carried on our talk once again. Great great guy… We all talked for hours in the dressing room after the taping.

The next day, Kevin Duffy (our road manager) was able to procure some VIP passes to see a taping of the Letterman Show. We were escorted in the stage door and were able to watch all the rehearsals and prep. As I walked in, I literally almost tripped over the ‘band stand’ where The CBS Orchestra plays. Very heady stuff.

By the way, over the years you have heard guests on David Letterman’s Show show speak of how cold the theatre is. No exaggeration. It’s freezing in there… I guess Dave likes to keep his audience alert… 😉

Here’s a video of TCB. Paul with B&T at The Roseland CLICK HERE


The Montreal Jazz Festival – 07.07.07

By on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015.

Video Here: Jazzthing Montreal Jazz Festival 2007

07.07.2007…. and apparently we actually started at 07:07 PM just to make it ‘magic’ (however, unless Randy’s watch is on a different time zone (as you can see in the video), that could be ‘folklore’)
Montreal Jazz Festival. The sweet (and now late…) Roge Belanger on drums, the incomparable Chris Gestrin on Wurlitzer, me on a Yamaha upright and RB + Special guest star the wonderful Duke Robillard.

That day was very special for me. We played with George Benson that night. (How in the hell was I playing upright bass at The Montreal Jazz Festival with George Benson?)

After we were done, a young beautiful black girl came on stage with her band. She played upright bass too. Her name was Esperanza Spalding…. yes THAT Esperanza Spalding! First time I’d seen or heard of her…. she kicked my butt so hard… a monster player and singer. Now SHE deserved to be at The Montreal Jazz Festival!!!!

If you haven’t heard of her, check her out HERE

Randy Bachman Releases “Every Song Tells A Story” CD/DVD on March 11, 2014

By on Monday, March 17th, 2014.

Randy Bachman - Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story

Randy Bachman – Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story

The Guess Who guitarist and Bachman-Turner Overdrive member, Randy Bachman, has released a live CD/DVD recording featuring many hits from both bands performed on April 4, 2013 to a sold out crowd at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg Canada.


1. Prairie Town
2. Shakin’ All Over
3. These Eyes
4. Laughing
5. No Sugar Tonight
6. No Time
7. American Woman
8. Roll On Down The Highway
9. Let It Ride
10. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
11. Takin’ Care Of Business
12. Hey You
13. Undun
14. Lookin’ Out For 1

I remember that night well. Randy, Marc, Brent and I had a great time playing to a really receptive audience. You do not always get that kind of reaction. I guess playing in Randy’s home turf has that sort of advantage.

Here is the amazon link if you want to pick up the album “Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story“.

While you are at it, why not pick up a copy of Randy’s new Book as well, Tales From Beyond The Tap. It is an insightful retrospective of Randy’s career, including all the ups and downs.

Randy Bachman Tales From Beyond The Tap.jpg

Randy Bachman’s Book about his career, including all the ups and downs of over 4 decades of music.

Massey Hall – Randy Bachman Band – Vinyl Tap Tour – March 15, 2014

By on Monday, March 17th, 2014.

Randy Bachman Band - Vinyl Tap Tour - Massey Hall Toronto, March 15, 2014 . Mick Dalla-Vee, Marc LaFrance, Randy Bachman, and Brent Howard Knudsen. Photo 20

After opening our ‘Vinyl Tap Live 2014’ season with a show in Oshawa the previous evening, we played Massey Hall the next night. I had played there once before as part of Randy’s JazzThing tour several years ago with the late Jeff Healey and Duke Robillard which was a thrill for sure. Massey Hall originally built in 1896 is an amazing venue with great acoustics.

Currently, the band consists of Randy Bachman (of course), myself and my long time associates (from Cease and Desist), Brent Howard Knudsen and Marc LaFrance. An always a fun performance to do, Randy always ad-libs the show quite a bit. Almost caught us off guard a couple of times.

It was nice to play to a sold out show in such a prestigious venue…

Here are a bunch of Photos taken of the show:

Rock Legends Cruise 2 — February 2013

By on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013.

Rock Legends Cruise 2
Rock Legends Cruise 2

Rock Legends Cruise 2 Poster

It took me a long time to get around to talking about this, but it has been a very busy year. Last February, the Bachman and Turner Band participated in the Second Rock Legends Cruise. It was a fun time for all, and the feedback from our fans on board was great. Randy, Fred, Marc, Brent and Myself all enjoyed the warm weather and scenery. The following groups participated:

Paul Rodgers
Creedence Clearwater
Bachman and Turner
38 Special
The Marshall Tucker Band
Blue Oyster Cult
Molly Hatchet
Kentucky Headhunters
Bobby Keys and the Suffering Bastards
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Pat Travers Band
Melvin Seals and JGB
The Artimus Pyle Band
Black Oak
Royal Southern Brotherhood
Devon Allman’s Honeytribe
Whiskey Myers
Fired Guns
Mike Zito
Citizens Band Radio
The Blue Lords

Here are a few shots taken during that cruise: