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Sammy Hagar – March 11, 2011

Sammy Hagar with Me. Separated at birth perhaps? Sometimes there’s never a dull moment – brothers from a different mother… or at least the same follicle family. The picture above was taken at the Gibson showroom in Toronto. Sammy was in Toronto for Music Week. He had just recently sold off his interests to ‘Cabo […]

John Lennon – In The Studio (The Making of Double Fantasy)

I’ve had this audio for quite some time. I got it from Tony Levin years ago (who played bass on these sessions). It’s hard to believe that John was assassinated such a short amount of time after this. He was really looking forward to the next stage of his life and career. We’ve recently seen […]

The Early Days – Sault Ste. Marie, Balderdash …

The Way-Back Machine I was born in the City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. My mother had passed away from cancer when I was nine. Being kind of a lonely kid, the next two years of my life were spent ‘noodling’ on every instrument my older brothers, Kenny and Jimmy, would bring home from […]

The Truth and The Lie

mick dallavee piano

The Truth and The Lie According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvellous day today”! The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful. They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside […]