Cease and Desist 25th Anniversary – January 19th, 2014

Cease and Desist 25th Anniversary, January 19, 2014 – Mick, Marc, Ian and Brent (This story has many links embedded for additional reading) As many of you know, 2014 marks the 25th year that Cease and Desist has been together as a band. Even more remarkable is that there has been no member changes. Marc, […]

The Montreal Jazz Festival – 07.07.07

Video Here: Jazzthing Montreal Jazz Festival 2007 07.07.2007…. and apparently we actually started at 07:07 PM just to make it ‘magic’ (however, unless Randy’s watch is on a different time zone (as you can see in the video), that could be ‘folklore’) Montreal Jazz Festival. The sweet (and now late…) Roge Belanger on drums, the […]

What’s in a Professional Name?

Lake House Productions

What’s in a Professional Name? I was born Michael Allan Dalla-Vicenza At Bawating (my high school in Sault Ste. Marie), the musicians I hung out with adopted the first names of their favourite rock guitarists. Glenn Barbisan became ‘Eric’ (for Eric Clapton), Michael Sicoly became ‘George’ (for George Harrison), Jeff Neill interestingly enough remained ‘Jeff’ […]